University Application

Product & Print Design • 2016

Final product photograph

Final product photograph

Final product photograph

When coming up with different ways to present my work, my aim was always to stand out. I needed to design a portfolio that would ensure the university would remember me. All the universities I applied for only allowed a very short interview time, so I had to express my passion and experience for graphic design without the need of my presence. The portfolio and my personal statement were the only mediums to do that, so I had to make them count.

A vast majority of candidates were using huge black folders (mostly A2 and A1 sized) as their portfolio. While I considered using these kind of sizes, I decided to go small. All the universities more or less specified using A3 size paper as the bare minimum size to present your work, and recommended A2 and up. So by going smaller than they asked, I was sure to stand out from the rest of the applicants.

My original idea was to produce a book since I was inspired by many other book-form portfolios online. I loved everything about them: the high quality paper stock they all used; the hand-made binding on a lot of them; the perfect layouts that allowed words and pictures to tell a story about the products inside.

However, I wanted to express a bit of personality in the portfolio, and due to my love of music and the vinyl format, I got inspired by vinyl box sets while I was working on my graphics coursework at the same time. So I ditched the binding and decided to present my work through individual 12” size prints. This allowed me to treat each print as if it was its own piece of artwork, but also to think about how I can order the prints to tell a story about each product.

Portfolio prints

Using the portfolio

This project was extremely enjoyable and I was so grateful of all the positive reactions I got from it. The portfolio helped me recieve multiple offers from some of the best graphic design courses in the country, and has ultimately landed me a place on the BA Graphic Communication course at the University of Reading.